The head pharmacist at Melide’s Farmacia Galenus is Ana Isabel Perteagudo Vázquez, whose professional activity as head pharmacist began in the city of A Coruña in 1996.


years later she decides to continue her professional activity in Melide with a new project called Farmacia Galenus in honor of the father of Medicine and Classic Pharmaceutical Science


In this new project, Farmacia Galenus aims to take pharmaceutical attention to a new level, advising our clients and helping them to improve their health and their quality of life.



  • Ana Ponteagudo

    BSc in Pharmaceutical Science – Head pharmacist
  • Sandra Amboage

    BSc in Pharmaceutical Science - USC
  • Enrique Vázquez

    BSc in Pharmaceutical Science – USC
  • Anabel Sanmartín

    Pharmacy technician – Nurse technician
  • Belén Méndez Lata

    Pharmacy Technician Dermocosmetic Specialist
  • Iria Couto Rodríguez

    Pharmacy technician – Make-up specialist